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How to use the Collection element
How to use the Collection element
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The Collection element allows you to display products from a collection in a visually appealing way, making it easier for your customers to discover and shop.

Note: The Collection element is only available for the Shopify version.

You can find and insert a Collection element from the sidebar.

This is how the Collection element looks inside the Editor

The Collection element is actually a wrapper of other product-related elements, they are:

  • (P) Title

  • (P) Price

  • (P) Quantity

  • (P) Variant

  • (P) Cart button

  • (P) Description

  • (P) Image

  • (P) Image list

  • (P) Inventory countdown

By default, there are some elements already included after you insert a new Collection element.

If you need to make any change to the products inside the Collection element, you can just make the change to the first product, and it will be automatically applied across the others.

Important options

  • Collection: Select the collection to show products from.

  • Product number: Number of products to show.

  • Columns per row: Number of products on each row.

  • Column gap: Space between columns.

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