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How to use the Product element
How to use the Product element
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The Product element is your gateway to showcasing your products in the most appealing way possible. It's all about turning your site visitors into delighted customers!

You can find and insert a Product element from the sidebar.

This is how the Product element looks inside the Editor

The Product element is actually a wrapper of other product-related elements, they are:

  • (P) Title

  • (P) Price

  • (P) Quantity

  • (P) Variant

  • (P) Cart button

  • (P) Description

  • (P) Image

  • (P) Image list

  • (P) Inventory countdown

By default, there are some elements already included after you insert a new Product element.

Important options

  • Product: Select the product to show.

Tips and tricks

  • You can use the Row element to structure the product information like this.

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