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How to use the Instagram element
How to use the Instagram element
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The Instagram element allows you to seamlessly integrate your Instagram feed directly into your page.

You can find and insert an Instagram element from the sidebar.

This is how the Instagram element looks inside the Editor

Important options

  • Access token: In order to show images from your Instagram account, you need to get the access token. Follow the instructions at the bottom to get the access token.

  • Image number: The number of images to show.

  • Columns per row: The number of columns.

  • Open on click: Click on an image will redirect to it on Instagram.

  • Column gap: Space between images.

  • Hover overlay: Show image overlay on hover.

  • Overlay color: Color of the overlay. Only available if Hover overlay is enabled.

  • Show caption: Show the caption. Only available if Hover overlay is enabled.

  • Caption color: Color of the caption.

How to get access token

From the Sidebar, click Get access token.

In the new page opened, choose Personal account (this is important, even if your Instagram account is for business, still choose Personal account anyway, otherwise it will not work).

Choose Allow in the popup.

Copy the token generated.

Come back to Zeno and paste the token into the Access token setting.

Notice: The access token will expire after 2 months, you need to regenerate the access token then to make it work.

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