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How to use the Countdown element
How to use the Countdown element
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Whether you're launching a new product, running a limited-time sale, or organizing an event, the Countdown element is your secret weapon for creating excitement and driving sales. If you're ready to make your visitors act fast, this feature is your go-to tool!

You can find and insert a Countdown element from the sidebar.

This is how the Countdown element looks like inside the Editor

Important options

  • Type: The type of counting down.

    • Date time: Count to a specific date time, e.g. Oct 11, 2023, 15h00

    • Daily: Count to a specific time every day, e.g. 15h00 daily

    • Fixed: Always start counting from a specific time, e.g. start counting from 3 days 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds

  • Hide on time out: Hide the element when counting to 0.

  • Redirect on time out: Redirect to a URL when counting to 0.

  • Show days: Show the number of days left.

  • Day label: The label for the day number.

  • Show hours: Show the number of hours left.

  • Hour label: The label for the hour number.

  • Show minutes: Show the number of minutes left.

  • Minute label: The label for the minute number.

  • Show seconds: Show the number of seconds left.

  • Second label: The label for the second number.

  • Number font: Font for the numbers.

  • Label font: Font for the labels.

  • Number size: Font size for the numbers.

  • Label size: Font size for the labels.

  • Number color: Color for the number.

  • Label color: Color for the labels.

  • Horizontal gap: Gap between day number, hour number, minute number, and second number.

  • Vertical gap: Gap between numbers and labels.

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