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How to use the Count Up element
How to use the Count Up element
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The Count Up element allows you to animate numbers on your website. Whether you want to display the number of happy customers, products sold, or any other numerical value, the Count Up element has you covered.

You can find and insert a Count Up element from the sidebar.

This is how the Count Up element looks like inside the Editor

Important options

  • Target number: The number to count to.

  • Prefix: The prefix to show before the number.

  • Postfix: The postfix to show after the number.

  • Counting time: The duration for counting. Setting it big will make the Count Up element count slowly.

  • Trigger condition: When to start counting.

    • Scroll to view: When scroll to the element.

    • On load: When the page is loaded.

  • Number delimiter: The delimiter to separate groups of thousands for the Target number.

    • None: No delimiter, e.g. 3000

    • Comma: Comma delimiter, e.g. 3,000

    • Point: Point delimiter, e.g. 3.000

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