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How to use the Button element
How to use the Button element
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The Button element is useful to create interactive and clickable buttons on your page. You can make it redirect to a URL, scroll to a section on your page, send an email, or even make a phone call.

You can find and insert a Button element from the sidebar.

This is how the Button looks like

Important options

  • Button text: You can click inside the Button to edit its text.

  • Button link: Set a link to trigger when clicking on the Button. The link can be of many types of actions

    • URL: A URL to redirect to

    • Scroll to: Scroll to a section of the page (learn more below)

    • Email: Send an email

    • Phone: Make a phone call

  • Open link in new tab: Open the link in a new tab. Should only be toggled on if the Button link is a URL.

  • Button icon: Show an icon inside the button.

  • Text color: Set the color of the button text.

  • Button color: Set the color of the button.

  • Hover options: Set color for the button text and button background when hovering.

  • Full width: Make the button stretch entirely to its parent.

  • Alignment: Align the button, only works if Full width is off.

  • Padding: Set padding for the button. The padding will decide the width and height of the button.

  • Border: Customize the border for the button.

Tips and tricks

  • If you want to make the button to scroll to a section on the page, first you need to set ID for that section

Then open the Button settings, click on Choose link, go to Scroll to tab and you can select the section to scroll to

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