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How to use the Video Banner element
How to use the Video Banner element
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The Video Banner element in Zeno Page Builder allows you to set a video as the background of a section on your landing page. Instead of using static images, you can use videos to create dynamic, and eye-catching web experiences for your visitors.

You can find and insert a Video Banner element from the sidebar.

This is how the Video Banner looks like

Important options

  • Video URL: Choose the video to use as background. The Video Banner supports

  • Fallback image: Due to the limitations of mobile web browsers, the Video Banner will not play on mobile, you should set the Fallback image to show on mobile devices instead of the video.

  • Full width: Make the Video Banner stretch across the screen.

  • Content width: Width of the Video Banner content.

  • Alignment: Horizontally align the Video Banner content. Only works if Content width is less than 100%.

  • Overlay effect: Cover the Video Banner with an overlay color.

Tips and tricks

  • You can hover on the Video Banner and drag it to quickly adjust its paddings and height.

  • If you are on the Shopify platform and you have the video file on your computer, then you can upload the video in Shopify Admin, under Content > Files

Then copy the video URL and use it in Zeno Builder.

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