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How to use the Banner element
How to use the Banner element
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Banner element is like the first impression your landing page makes. It's the big, attention-grabbing section at the top of your page where you can convey your message in a visually stunning way.

You can find and insert a Banner element from the sidebar.

This is how the Banner looks like

Important options

  • Banner image: Choose the image for the banner. This is similar to the Background image setting which you can find in other elements.

  • Banner link: The link redirects after clicking the Banner.

  • Full width: Make the Banner stretch across the screen.

  • Content width: Width of the Banner content.

  • Height: Set a fixed height for the Banner. If Height is auto, the Banner height will be calculated automatically from the padding settings.

  • Background offset: Adjust the position vertically for the banner background image.

  • Alignment: Horizontally align the Banner content. Only works if Content width is less than 100%.

  • Effect: Set an effect for the Banner.

    • None: No effect.

    • Parallax: Parallax effect on scroll.

    • Overlay: Cover the Banner with an overlay color.

Tips and tricks

  • You can hover on the Banner and drag it to quickly adjust its paddings and height.

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