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How to use the Accordion element
How to use the Accordion element
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Accordion is similar to a digital accordion you might find in music, where you can expand and collapse different sections. It is a fantastic way to present information in a neat and space-saving manner.

You can find and insert an Accordion element from the sidebar.

This is how the Accordion looks like

Important options

  • Accordion items: Manage the items of the Accordion. You can add, duplicate, reorder, or remove items.

  • Toggle type: You can set the Accordion to open a single item at a time or allow it to open multiple items at once.

    • Single: Only open 1 item at a time.

    • Multiple: Allow to open multiple items at a time.

  • Open one by default: Open an item on load.

  • Icon: Select the toggle icon.

    • None: Do not show icons.

    • Arrow: Arrow up / Arrow down icons.

    • Plus: Plus / Minus icons.

  • Icon position: The position of toggle icons.

  • Icon color: The color of toggle icons.

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