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How to use the Slider element
How to use the Slider element
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Slider, or Carousel, is a great way to showcase multiple content sections in a compact, eye-catching format.

You can find and insert a Slider element from the sidebar.

This is how the Slider looks like

Important options

  • Slides: Manage the items of the Slider. You can add, duplicate, rename, or remove items from the Slider.

  • Columns per page: Choose how many items are showing in a single slide view.

  • Columns slide per move: Choose how many items should slide together in on move.

  • Slide speed: How fast the slide animation is.

  • Autoplay: Automatically slide the items.

  • Autoplay interval: Set the time duration between automatic slides.

  • Slide type: Choose behavior when scrolling to the end of the Slider

    • Normal: Cannot scroll further.

    • Loop: Move to the first item.

    • Rewind: Scroll to the first item.

  • Column gap: Gap between columns in a single slide view.

  • Color: the color of navigation arrows, and indicator dots.

  • Show arrows: Whether or not to show navigation arrows.

  • Indicator dots: Whether or not to show indicator dots.

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