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How to use the Tab element
How to use the Tab element
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Tab is like a folder that allows you to group and organize content on a web page. It is great for presenting information in a clean and user-friendly way, especially when you have a lot of content to showcase.

You can find and insert a Tab element from the sidebar.

This is how the Tab looks like

Important options

  • Tabs: Manage the tab items of the Tab. You can add, duplicate, or remove items from the Tab.

  • Default tab: Choose which tab item to open by default.

  • Tab direction: Choose whether to show the tab titles horizontally or vertically.

  • Tab alignment: Align the tab items' titles.

  • Height: Set the height for the Tab. You can set the height to auto, or a specific height value by pixels.

  • Content position: If the Height value is set by pixels, then you can change the content position to top, center, or bottom.

Tips and tricks

  • In a product page, you can structure descriptions for the products into separate tabs using the Tab element like this

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