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How to use the Row element
How to use the Row element
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Row is one of the most fundamental and commonly used elements in Zeno. We use it to structure page layout and hold other elements on the page.

You can find and insert a Row element from sidebar.

This is how the Row looks like

Important options

  • Layout: Choose a column layout for the Row on desktop, tablet and mobile. You can specify how many columns, and the size for each column.

  • Full width: Make the Row to stretch to full page width.

  • Content width: The width of inner content.

  • Column gap: The gap between columns.

  • Horizontal alignment: Align the columns to the left, center, or to the right. This option only works if Content width is less than 100%.

  • Vertical alignment: Specify vertical alignment for the columns if they have different heights.

  • Reverse columns on Tablet: Reverse order of the columns on tablet screen.

  • Reverse columns on Mobile: Reverse order of the columns on mobile screen.

Tips and tricks

  • If you want to create a Row with more than 4 columns, you can nest multiple Row elements inside each other.

  • You can reverse the order of columns when they stack on each other on tablet/mobile by toggling on Reverse columns on Tablet and Reverse columns on Mobile.

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