You can insert a product collection into the page, so visitors can see the collection without the need of going to collection page.

The Collection element is currently only available on Shopify platform.

From Sidebar, drag and drop the Collection element into the page.

The Collection element is actually a wrapper of other product-related elements, they are:

  • (P) Title

  • (P) Price

  • (P) Quantity

  • (P) Variant

  • (P) Cart button

  • (P) Description

  • (P) Image

  • (P) Image list

  • (P) Stock countdown

By default, there are some elements already included after you insert a new Collection element.

You can insert other elements into the first product for additional information. All the change to the first product will be applied for all other products.

You can change the collection being display from settings in Sidebar of the Collection wrapper.

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