Create your first page with Zeno
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In this article, you will learn how to use Zeno Page Builder to design your first landing page step-by-step.

Step 1: In the Dashboard, go to the Regular pages section. This section allows you to create all kinds of pages: landing page, about us page, introduction page, FAQ page, ...

Regular pages

Step 2: Click New page button at the top right corner.

Create new page

Step 3: Choose a template or start from scratch.

Choose a template

Step 4: Fill in the page name, URL path, choose whether or not to use the theme layout, and click Create page.

New page details

Step 5: Inside the Editor, you can insert elements, insert sections, make change to element settings, page settings.

Zeno Editor

Step 6: Click Save to save the page to the Zeno system.

Save page

Step 7: Click Publish to transfer content to your store and make it go live.

Publish page

Step 8: Click View live to view the page.

View live page

Ta-raa! You've just finished your first page using Zeno Page Builder.

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